Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We Need More H8

Many of you have probably seen the circumfetishist #NoH8 campaign on Twitter. The intention is to imply that intactivists are full of hate, hate those who are circumcised, and hate parents who circumcise their children.

I hate genital mutilation of any sort. I don't hate those who are circumcised, as the circumfetishists say I do, because they are victims and deserving of pity. I do hate parents who mutilate the genitals of their children if they did so for reasons other than ignorance.

The cultural pendulum of American society has swung from the roaring twenties to the "Leave it to Beaver" 50s to the free love 70s. Now, it is swinging in an orthogonal direction. Americans are obsessed with "not judging" anyone for anything. It is frowned upon to criticize people who behave badly.

We tolerate those who abuse their children, abandon their obligations, or act rude in public. We tolerate pedophile priests. We tolerate sexualization of our children. We tolerate and defend those who leave their kids in hot cars to die.

I say tolerate because there is no real outrage. There is no action—only lip service. We still attend Catholic church and give money at collection time. We back down and fail to speak up when wronged in public. We still buy products advertised or watch shows that feature inappropriate characterizations of children.

When I say we need more hate, I am saying that need to stop tolerating abuse of children. We need to hate that abuse to the point where we work to stop it. Forgetfulness is not an excuse for leaving your child to die in a hot car. You don't forget your children. You just don't. You don't cut the genitals of any child: there is not a reason in the world that can justify it.

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  1. Agreed. I am thinking of starting an association which will campaign for the rights of children to be protected from their parents. Any takers?

    Parents have a lot to answer for in this world. They have a massive influence on their children, which can be either constructive or destructive. My parents had a profoundly negative influence on my life. It started when my mother arranged for a perfectly normal healthy part of my body to be surgically amputated shortly after my birth. The ramifications of that inconsiderate intervention in my life are still reverberating 56 years later and will continue to adversely affect me for the rest of my life.