Sunday, November 10, 2013

Penis Obsessed Fetishists

Intactivists sometimes get accused of being penis-obsessed fetishists. We are often accused by those who themselves have a fetish for genital cutting.

While there is plenty of evidence that circumfetishists exist and get a sexual thrill from talking about, promoting, and participating in male circumcision, there has never been a shred of evidence to suggest any intactivist is aroused by the foreskin.

A well known circumfetishist accused me of having an "intactifetish". I asked what that was and the response was "You amuse us. It is someone against circumcision." Not even the circumfetishists accuse us of being anything other than what we are.

Would you say that the anti-FGM activists are vulva (or clitoris or labia or vagina) obsessed? Would you say that those who are fighting for gay rights are obsessed with gay sex? Would you say that those who participate in breast cancer awareness are "breast obsessed"? Would you call those who raise awareness for prostate cancer penis obsessed? The answer is no to all of these questions.

Intactivists are knowledgeable about the penis and the functions of the foreskin for the purpose of ending routine infant (male) circumcision and adult circumcisions performed without information. We would also like to see the evil practice of FGM end. Beyond that, we want the penis left alone. We want everyone to leave the penis alone! It's the opposite of being obsessed with it.

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