Saturday, November 16, 2013

Circumfetishists R Dumb

Claims to Tweet Foreskin Benefits

Last December, @AParentsChoice tweeted "the benefits of circumcision are easy enough to understand". I responded with the following tweet:

He responded with the following tweet:

He said "I do, you choose to ignore those posts." What? Is he saying he does tweet about foreskin benefits? So I asked him where those tweets are. He didn't seem to follow the conversation:

He never responded after that.

Never Denounces Evil

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be associated with evil or people who do evil things. People who condone evil are either too cowardly to stand up against it or support it. The circumfetishists have never denounced circumfetishism, Gilgal, or FGM. It is disgusting.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Penis Sucks

My penis sucks. Sure it can feel good and I can orgasm. But I have no way of achieving the full sexual experience of an intact man. It's more than knowing what I'm missing. As I have gotten older, sex and masturbation have become less pleasurable.


A lot is made of glans sensitivity. I have no idea what the glans is supposed to feel like, but the skin on mine is dry and leathery. When I rub it dry, it feels quite numb. If I scratch it with my fingernail, I feel that less than if I were to scratch my arm. If I rub it with lubricant, it feels uncomfortably ticklish. Rubbing it along with stimulation of the scar does seem to enhance the sexual experience somewhat, but it is nothing to write home about.

I have read many circumcised men complaining about chafing of the glans. I have never experienced this. I wear briefs, so that may explain it.

The Scar

The scar is the only part that feels good. After a few days without orgasm, it feels more sensitive than with regular sex. With more than daily sex, it tends to feel more numb and the sexual experience is degraded considerably.

The Shaft

The shaft skin doesn't seem to have any erogenous tissue. The shaft skin sliding up and down in combination with stimulation of the scar (and glans) is about as good as it gets for me—and possibly any circumcised man. Vibration and sliding up and down of the shaft skin alone can eventually induce a very lame orgasm. There is clearly more than one mechanism at work in the male sexual experience.

Vaginal Sex

Vaginal sex has never been my favorite. Unlike the claims of many intactivists make about circumcised men liking it "hard and fast", I've never liked that. "Hard and fast" sex feels completely numb to me. I can orgasm, but it's not satisfying and it doesn't feel very good. Slow sex building up to an orgasm feels better. I suppose that is because the few nerves I do have need time to stimulate the right parts in the brain.

My wife, on the other hand likes "hard and fast" sex. The clitoris is a very large organ and virtually all of it is internal. I suppose that, for my wife, "hard and fast" sex is needed to stimulate it. With slower sex, she can hardly feel anything at all. If I were to have sex the way she wanted, I'd last between 30 seconds to a minute. After ten or more minutes of sex with my wife, my penis ends up becoming numb enough that we can do "hard and fast" the way she likes for long enough for her to get close... but not close enough.

Not My Choice

Ignore the propaganda spewing from American medical organizations, Wikipedia, and the circumfetishists. There is overwhelming scientific, anecdotal, and empirical evidence that the foreskin is an essential part of the penis, contains erogenous tissue, and adds to the sexual experience. I resent the fact that mine was taken and it angers me that I do not ever get to experience the most sensitive and good-feeling parts of the penis. Research has shown the the foreskin opening (with nerves similar to those on your fingertips), the ridged band, and the frenulum (among other parts) add to the sexual experience and have tons of nerve receptors.

I've toyed with "foreskin restoration", but haven't attempted it seriously. It is the loss of nerves that bothers me the most and foreskin restoration will not bring that back.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Penis Obsessed Fetishists

Intactivists sometimes get accused of being penis-obsessed fetishists. We are often accused by those who themselves have a fetish for genital cutting.

While there is plenty of evidence that circumfetishists exist and get a sexual thrill from talking about, promoting, and participating in male circumcision, there has never been a shred of evidence to suggest any intactivist is aroused by the foreskin.

A well known circumfetishist accused me of having an "intactifetish". I asked what that was and the response was "You amuse us. It is someone against circumcision." Not even the circumfetishists accuse us of being anything other than what we are.

Would you say that the anti-FGM activists are vulva (or clitoris or labia or vagina) obsessed? Would you say that those who are fighting for gay rights are obsessed with gay sex? Would you say that those who participate in breast cancer awareness are "breast obsessed"? Would you call those who raise awareness for prostate cancer penis obsessed? The answer is no to all of these questions.

Intactivists are knowledgeable about the penis and the functions of the foreskin for the purpose of ending routine infant (male) circumcision and adult circumcisions performed without information. We would also like to see the evil practice of FGM end. Beyond that, we want the penis left alone. We want everyone to leave the penis alone! It's the opposite of being obsessed with it.