Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Male vs. Female Foolishness

Far too frequently, I read and hear silly and inaccurate statements pitting men against women and women against men. These statements are bathed in misogyny, misandry, radical feminism, or foolishness.

Cure for Cancer

If men got breast cancer, we would have a cure by now

One in six men get prostate cancer and it kills almost 30,000 in the US. One in eight women get breast cancer and it kills almost 40,000 in the US.

Men who do not die from prostate cancer may suffer uncomfortable and life-changing side effects. Women who do not die from breast cancer may suffer uncomfortable and life-changing side effects.

The effects of these two cancers are on the same order of magnitude. There is not a "cure" for either.

Genital Mutilation

If FGM were done to men, it would be illegal everywhere and not practiced

Genital mutilation is done every day to men and it is called male circumcision. There are more MGM victims than FGM victims and the most common forms of FGM are roughly equivalent to male circumcision.

Male circumcision supporters (and even some anti-FGM advocates) compare FGM (what form they don't specify since they know very little about FGM) to cutting off the whole penis. Forms of FGM that cut the clitoral glans leave the 9cm of clitoris that exists inside the body. FGM victims experience sexual enjoyment and pleasure from sex as do MGM victims. Cutting off the entire penis would leave a man with no erogenous tissue & no means to reproduce—worse off than the most extreme forms of FGM which still leave internal clitoral structures.


In order to counteract the diarrhea of ignorance, we must provide a deluge of information. Those who choose to remain ignorant are fools & should be shunned.


  1. "Those who choose to remain ignorant are fools & should be highlighted as such" - fixed.

    I would love to know your thoughts on 'whataboutery'. I've seen it both ways. I have seen people responding to discussions about rape with "what about custodial rights", which I would consider to be 'whataboutery'. I have seen people responding to discussions of genital mutilation with "what about genital mutilation", which I consider to not be 'whataboutery'.

    Personally, I believe that binary dichotomies are a limiting factor on human progress; that feminists need to learn to be OK with discussing things on a per issue basis, rather than the exclusionary per gender basis (what about intersex, what about males, what about trans, what about x, y, z, what about colour, what about creed, what about class... etc) - however that is just the opinion of a white/male/middle class person...

    [so obviously I know nothing] - the opinion of too many.

    1. Thanks for your response! You bring up some very good points. I find whataboutery quite obnoxious myself.

      I completely agree with you about the attitudes of many feminists. Many feminists do speak in terms which are bigoted and exclusionary.

      The issues should be discussed a per-issue basis with facts and rational ideas to support reasoned points of view. I very much agree with you.