Friday, August 23, 2013

Let's Talk About Hygiene

Someone on Twitter today proclaimed that all forms of FGM are mutilation but, when done properly, male circumcision isn't. I asked him to justify this point of view. The response was hygiene. What a laughable, ignorant, and untenable point of view!

This viewpoint is so ridiculous, it seems silly that I have to blog about it. As long as people continue to hang onto silly beliefs, I will shed light on the issues.

Women have internal genitals covered by the labia. We've all heard the silly & sexist references to female odors. The toiletries market produces feminine deoderant products. Women are advised to wash with water and, if necessary, mild soap (so as to avoid irritation of sensitive tissues). Surgery to obviate women from the need to perform this simple hygiene measure is never suggested (in the West, anyway).

An intact man has a much smaller internal area than what the labia covers. Sliding the foreskin back behind the glans is easy. In boys, no retraction is necessary because it is not possible (how easy!). Adult men, like women, should use water or mild soap to avoid irritation. Yet, somehow, male hygiene is so tedious and arduous that it justifies complete removal of the foreskin (and all the benefits foreskin provides)—even if from a non-consenting infant. Hygiene alone transforms what would otherwise be mutilation into a beneficial procedure!

What absurd poppycock!

Before folks start running their mouths on Twitter or any other social network, they need to "check themselves before they wreck themselves" (as the classic Hip-Hop lyric goes). Make sure your point of view makes logical sense. Check your facts by doing at least rudimentary research.

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