Monday, September 10, 2012

The AAP-Circumfetishist Connection

There is at least one connection between circumfetishist groups and the American Academy of Pediatrics. One connection is Edgar Schoen, who was once head of the AAP's "Task Force on Circumcision". Another connection is more recent: there is some evidence that AAP's recently-updated policy statement on circumcision was sent to Brian Morris, in advance of its release to the public, for review and comment.

My view of this connection seems to differ from others in the I2 community. Many view this connection as further evidence of a virtually impregnable coalition of pro-circumcision advocates. It is true that an alliance of pro-circumcision groups, each with their own motives, makes the struggle for I2 more difficult. The alliance is also a weakness.

Associating with depraved and downright evil individuals is a liability for the AAP. The connection between the AAP and circumfetishists—especially Vernon Quaintance—may cause people to rethink what the true motives behind circumcision advocates might be. If circumcision is really about "medical benefits" as the AAP claims, why is it interested in feedback from Brian Morris, a biologist, who is not a medical doctor?

If I were a member doctor of the AAP, I would be appalled to learn that the AAP fraternized with circumfetishists. Publicly revealing the AAP's associations could cause an outcry resulting in embarrassment; a strong enough public outcry might even pressure them into changing their view on circumcision.


  1. I am also appalled to think that the AAP fraternized with circumfetishists. I think I can say with confidence that we both share the same strong ethical and moral values. I seriously wonder what values many member doctors of the AAP can honestly boast.

  2. May I ask about the evidence that Brian Morris reviewed the Policy Statement? Is it a reference to this: "Whilst some of our readers will undoubtedly have been frustrated by Circlist’s strict adherence to the publication embargo, it has been essential to comply so as to maintain this website’s reputation as a trustworthy media outlet worthy to receive advance disclosures" here: ?

    Thank you.

  3. The "evidence" I refer to was a Twitter post from an intactivist claiming that there is an intactivist mole on the circlist mailing list.