Friday, June 15, 2012

Motivations of Circumcision Advocates

Most Americans don't think about circumcision much. It is just another standard medical procedure done in the hospital (e.g. like cutting the umbilical cord) that is done to newborn boys and it is not a big deal. There is nebulous and vague talk of "benefits" and hygiene. Most Americans are ignorant on this subject.

Rational open-minded people are nearly always convinced by talk of ethics and accurate information that cutting their children's genitals is wrong.

Some honestly and truly believe that the "medical benefits" outway ethical concerns. Men do not want to admit that something is wrong with their penis. Men want their penis to be better ("male enhancement products" are commonplace in American culture)! It is easier for a man to believe that the foreskin is a useless flap of skin than to believe his penis isn't perfect. These men tend to have their children cut so their sons' penises aren't better than theirs and/or so they don't have to admit something was taken from them.

The most voracious and dangerous circumcision advocates are the circumfetishists. When I first heard this term, I honestly thought it was just a derogatory term that I² advocates used to describe those who support circumcision. Later, when I stumbled across, I began to realize that circumfetishism is real and it is actually is a "fetish" or, more accurately, a form of pedophilia. I read some of the content with my mouth literally hanging open, aghast. I had to stop: the content made me sick to my stomach.

Sex and sexual arousal are powerful human motivators. The sexual motivations of circumfetishists and the thrills that they obtain from thinking about, writing about, watching, or participating in circumcisions results in immutable beliefs.

In looking through the types of disturbing content posted to circlist, it became clear that the circumfetishists enjoy the fact that they are circumcised and some even want to get circumcised again! Now this is looking more like self-harm. The following statement from the Wikipedia article clarifies my point:

The sexual organs may be deliberately hurt as a way to deal with unwanted feelings of sexuality, or as a means of punishing sexual organs that may be perceived as having responded in contravention to the person's wellbeing (e.g., responses to childhood sexual abuse).

It is my belief that the majority, if not all, circumfetishists are victims of sexual abuse. Some of the posts from circlist captured on imply or explicitly state this fact. In order to realize circumfetishism, that abuse, combined with a sociopathic personality, sadism, and masochism results in an individual who enjoys and obtains sexual pleasure from both his own circumcision and that of others.

As abuse victims, I would otherwise pity the circumfetishist—but their vile behavior and actions qualify them as evil. These individuals must be stopped.

P.S. If you do desire to have your son circumcised, you will want to look at the doctor's groin during the circumcision. It is not unheard of for him to get aroused during the procedure. Let's hope this disturbing thought results in reconsideration!


  1. I have recently joined the intactivist world online and found several of your articles. I very much enjoyed your point of view....

    After reading your site I want explore your thoughts on labeling the American pro-circ mindset for part of the psychology of what it is...a part that is something that none of the cutters would admit to but hangs just beneath the surface....esssentially....a psychological short, my thesis is:

    American's who cut for non-religious reasons are suffering from a psychological syndrome: Male Infant Sexualization Syndrome (MISS). Defined as a need for their infant boy's penis to look like the penis they fantasize about or are used to as part of their own sexual experience.

    1. I think this is part of it. I suspect it has a lot to do with not wanting to admit what was lost. Let's face it, men tend to be fixated on their penis. They care about size, stamina, etc. If it is true that an intact penis is superior, then their own penis is inferior and they have a hard time with that. I think that is why the cycle continues. If their childrens' penis's are better than theirs, they can't deal.

      I hope that my children end up better than me, in general! I hope my kids are smarter, more successful, and have the best life possible.

  2. From all the reasons I hear from cutters in direct contradiction to truth and facts, I truly think they are just not willing to voice their true reason and it definitely has to do with projecting their sexual thinking onto their sons. Would love to hear others thoughts, comments, etc.